Happy Father's Day!

Hey, guys! Emily here!

I hope you don't mind my bragging on my sweet husband (and business partner), Josh. God is good and He provides for all our needs and, a lot of times, gives us the desires of our hearts. I know this well because He had such a wonderful man in mind to take my hand in marriage, give me a couple of gorgeous little boys, and to lead our family.

He works tirelessly to provide for us.

He makes me feel valuable and lovely.

He gives his sons all of his attention and plays and plays to their hearts content.

He prays over our children, over our marriage, over our family.

He is an example to our boys of what a good man should be... of what a good father should be.

He is beyond a keeper.

We are so beyond blessed with you, Joshua. We are spoiled rotten! Happiest Father's Day!

So for those of you who have never met our sons, They look a whole heck of a lot like their old man. So for Father's Day this year, I did a little session of head shots of Josh and the boys that shows off their similarities. I found this cute little pair of thick rimmed, large frame glasses for the boys to wear they resembled the pair their daddy sports and OH.MY'LANTA!!! Check out these cutie pies!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the other good daddies out there! Have a wonderful day!!!